KAUAI is an island of incredible beauty. Hidden valleys filled with rainbows, beautiful majestic canyons, and pristine waterfalls that plummet thousands of feet to Earth are only a small sampling of the beauty that awaits you on the Garden Isle. From Mt. Waileale to Waimea Canyon, the beauty of these island treasures will take your breath away.

About Kauai waterfall tour

Kauai waterfall tour

Soar over the wilderness areas and down the profile of the Na Pali Coast & see a perspective from a helicopter flight that is truly inspiring. You will capture a lifetime of memories that will be unforgettable.As you drive along the east and the northern part of the island, waterfalls can be seen cascading down mountain sides. Known to be the romantic side of the island, beware, you will fall in love with her loveliness. Where there are waterfalls, there are rainbows!!While going on Kauai waterfall tour you will discover few waterfalls that you can get close to by a short drive from your resort. Wailua Falls, or the twin waterfalls, were made famous by the TV show “Fantasy Island”. It is an easy drive and there is no hiking to see it. Near Kapaa, Opaekaa Falls is a must see, again, easy drive to the lookout and parking area.Mount Waileale, standing proudly in the center of Kaua’i, is the wettest place on the planet, with waterfalls too numerous to count. There are many other places on the island where rain creates spectacular waterfalls each time it rains. Many of the activities those are available, such as Zip-lines, ATV’s, Kayaking or Horseback Rides, have other beautiful waterfalls as the destination.Famous the world around, the majestic Na Pali Coast is a sight that must be experienced. The magnificent sea cliffs and canyons were created by erosion of wind, rain, and the ocean for thousands of years. The rugged sea cliffs and sea caves are backed up against the ocean up to 3000 to 4000 feet high. This natural wonder is inaccessible by car, so to really take in the incredible coastline, it is necessary to take a helicopter ride or see the coastline up close and personal, off the deck of a catamaran. And, of course, everywhere around the island, there are beautiful beaches for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and just relaxing. Some of the best snorkel sites in all the Hawaiian Islands are on KAUAI, such as “Poipu” & “’Anini” beaches. Swim with green sea turtles and see an amazing collection of colorful fish on our reefs.


A helicopter ride on Kauai is well truly worth the expenditure, and is the most ecologically friendly way to see the island. Waimea Canyon involves countless acres of magnificent surroundings that can only be genuinely valued from the air. Areas of Na Pali Coast are unable to be reached by camping or boat, & the chopper ride offers the ideal view of these amazing sheer, verdant sea coves. In inclusion, Kauai is popular for its variety of stunning waterfalls, a lot of which can be viewed only by air.


Manawaiopuna Falls, the waterfall made famous in Jurrasic Park, the interior of the Waimea Canyon with beautiful sweeping views and sets of waterfalls tucked away, Kalalau Valley (highest scenic point of the Waimea Canyon), North shore coastline through Hanalei valley, and the highlight, Mount Waileale, returning you back to Lihue airport via the Wailua Falls.


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